Payments & Cash Management

Thanks to its international network in more than 40 countries, ING Wholesale Banking offers its customers the best solutions fitted to their needs for the management of domestic and cross-border payments and paperless collections as well as a world class, multi-bank and multi-currency cash pooling and netting offer through Bank Mendes Gans (BMG).

Payments and collections

The exchange of money through payments and collections are simply fundamental to any business, but payments and collections become more complicated when dealing with large sums, time-sensitivity, and when crossing borders. Therefore, whether your payments and collections are domestic or international, urgent or non-urgent, ING Wholesale Banking (WB) has the presence and proficiency your company needs to swiftly execute your payment and collection transactions.

ING Wholesale Banking provides payment services for every purpose. This includes SEPA and all sorts of other payment solutions across Europe such as domestic, cross-border, urgent and multi-currency.

Do your payment solutions enable you to generate sufficient liquidity? Our experienced product specialists can customise a payment solution to fit the exact needs of your company. Let us know your payment challenges and how we can help.

• SEPA ready experts
• Payment product for every purpose
• A customised solution for your company

Liquidity management

Liquidity management refers to the daily activities regarding controlling your cash flow and all resulting liquidity, interest and currency issues.

• Pan European solutions

If you are looking for increased control of your cash position or want to maximise interest results by offsetting account balances, our liquidity management solutions will make your life easier. ING’s extensive network of offices throughout Europe allows us to offer you our local expertise and knowledge. Providing you with local and cross border liquidity management structures, with a full range of overlay services including cash balancing, pooling and netting.

• Global solutions

Through Bank Mendes Gans (BMG) we also offer global overlay solutions on top of your local bank infrastructure. As an independently operated subsidiary of ING, BMG is the only bank in the world to focus exclusively on liquidity and information management solutions for multinationals. You can achieve significant benefits by entrusting your global liquidity management processes to BMG. They are well-known for their high-quality customised services. Their cash pooling, netting and exposure management tools allow you to maximise liquidity. BMG empowers treasurers to make best use of their working capital; worldwide, multi-currency and multi-bank. For more information, please visit BMG website.

- An example of Global Cash Pooling with BMG.

• Virtual Cash Management

Cross-border virtual bank account structure and virtual ledger accounts in can be viewed in a multi-bank cash management dashboard. Virtual cash management offers anytime online access with a complete overview and control of cash positions and helps centralised treasury organisations stay a step ahead.

- Improve cash visibility, access and control
- Centralise multi-entity cash and transactions
- Rationalise bank accounts
- Enhance reconciliation
- Support timely and better strategic decision making regardless of the current financial IT landscape

For more information please visit

• Customised to your company needs

ING Wholesale Banking and Bank Mendes Gans together create robust liquidity management structures – both globally and locally – customised to your company’s needs.

- Optimise your global cash position
- Reduce interest costs
- Eliminate need for FX and swap transactions
- Control day to day cash management
- Overlay solutions on top of existing local bank infrastructure
- Multi-currency, multi-country, multi-bank
- Smooth implementation of liquidity strategy
- Extensive network and knowledgeable staff

So please get in touch and let us know how we can assist you.

Payment factory

As a financial institution or corporate, you execute numerous payments every day. That’s business as usual. Yet, simplifying the number of these transactions will save you time and money. That’s why ING Wholesale Banking (WB) created the centralised ING Payment Factory (PAF), which makes making payments a lot simpler for you.

ING Payment Factory is an overlay service that provides an interface between your ERP system and our infrastructure. It simplifies your entire payment process. Your payment factory provides end-to-end connectivity with clearing systems and payment facilities in a uniform way and at a low cost. We help you achieve uniformity in distribution channels, file formats and standards. By harmonising processes, you can eliminate treasury duplication, increase oversight of local offices and realise outstanding economies of scale. From a single point of entry, you can access all European accounts and still use local products.

ING Wholesale Banking can build a payment factory around your specific needs. ING Payment Factory helps optimise liquidity management. Outgoing payments can even be fixed to coincide with maturing short-term investments. For your convenience, we can phase in your payment factory gradually over time and even combine it with a collection factory.

• Optimise liquidity management
• Achieve uniformity in distribution channels, file formats and standards
• Reduce duplication of treasury IT systems
• Increase oversight of local subsidiaries
• Increase efficiency and cost effectiveness by reducing manual interventions

Banking channels

As a busy company with many transactions occurring every day, it is necessary to have control over your entire cash flow 24/7. ING Wholesale Banking (WB) offers a variety of highly secure e-banking solutions to manage domestic and international payments in a flexible, secure and easy way. Each solution provides a broad range of services and meets the highest industry standards. Use a mixture of our solutions to optimise your company’s cash flow.

Our internet banking channels provide a full range of services for your day-to-day financial activities, both domestic and international, with fast and secure, flexible reporting and reconciliation options. ING InsideBusiness, a digital international banking platform that offers your business a single point of access to your Wholesale Banking services and products.

Our file transfer service allows you to fully automate your financial information. In addition, we offer the ING FTP service through InsideBusiness Connect, which is a highly secure global solution for corporates and other financial institutions that will enable you to manage substantial payment and collection flows and to increase visibility of cash flows.

Our host-to-host solution (SwiftNet and EBICS) allow you to send and receive financial information through a single gateway. Messages are sent and received using a single interface, format and security protocol.

Whether you need local connectivity or an overlay solution, ING Wholesale Banking has a suitable e-banking solution. Talk with our product specialists so we can understand your payment and cash flow issues. We look forward to customising a solution that simplifies your flow of payments.

• A variety of highly secure e-banking solutions to manage domestic and international payments
• Flexible, secure and easy to use
• Meets the highest industry standards
• Local, regional and global solutions

Card Solutions

Whether you are a small or mid-sized company, or a large corporate, your institution needs bank cards for various transactions. These could for instance be for your employees’ business travel or general company purchases. ING’s commercial card solutions offer companies of every size and in any sector the ability to easily pay and manage expenses.

ING Wholesale Banking makes management and payment of business expenses easier and more efficient. Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose from the Corporate Card Solution, Purchase Control, or the simple Businesscard.

Corporate Cards are the ideal solution for companies looking for integrated payments with extensive reporting possibilities. Purchase Control streamlines the purchase and payment process with virtual card numbers. Businesscards are the ideal credit card solution for every company.

Each payment method gives you more control over your business expenses and payment processes. Whatever your requirements are regarding payments and cards, we are ready to help. Get in touch so we can tailor a card solution that fits your company’s needs.

• Control over your business expenses
• Cost reduction through efficient processes
• Acceptance of payments worldwide and convenience for your employees
• Ease of reconciliation


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